Prevent Dog Pee from Ruining your Lawn

Prevent Dog Pee from Ruining your Lawn

Is dog pee bad for your lawn?

The simple answer - yes. Many dog owners let their dogs use their front/backyard to relieve themselves. In doing so, it is important to note some of the complications that come along with allowing this.

As homeowners we take pride in our lawn care and gardening. All the endless hours spent maintaining and working on your lawn should not go to waste, at TRATEZ we understand that. Here are some pro-tips for dog parents that will help minimize this problem.

Without getting too much into the nitty gritty details of dog urine, owners must simply recognize that the urine contains nitrogen. This nitrogen is what causes the yellow patches in your grass.


Create a Safe space

Having a designated area for your dog to urinate can help eliminate multiple patches of yellow grass. Dogs claim their territory by peeing. Training your dog to use the area that you have created can be a stress-free solution.


Fertilize Less

Fertilizers contain nitrogen to help your lawn grow, however too much nitrogen is the problem. Fertilizing less in areas where your dog pees will reduce the amount of nitrogen. Long term this will help reduce yellow patches.


Water is Essential

The more water your dog drinks will help dilute the urine, reducing the nitrogen. But, also watering your lawn in areas where your dog has peed will do the same. This one of the easiest fixes as water will keep your dog healthy and your lawn green.


Going on more walks

Taking your dog for a walk is another simple solution. It is important to be mindful of where your dog is peeing, TRATEZ does not promote letting your dog pee on neighbors’ lawns or local playgrounds. A better alternative would be paths or trails.


TRATEZ Soft Chew Supplements

TRATEZ offers two great supplements for your dog’s gut health. TRATEZ Multivitamins help to support a normal digestive system function. TRATEZ Probiotics preserve a healthy gut flora with powerful antioxidants. Both supplements offer health benefits that indirectly assist with preserving your lawn.

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