Helping Your Dog Cope with Loud Noises

Helping Your Dog Cope with Loud Noises

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Loud noises are an inevitable part of life and while we are completely desensitized to it, unfortunately our four legged friends are not. Think about it – when we hear the cracks and pops during fireworks or thunderstorms, we understand what the noises are and are oftentimes expecting them to happen. This is not true for our dogs – and what makes it even worse is how much stronger their sense of hearing is.

These loud noises and the stress that it causes can have serious long lasting impacts on our dogs. You may begin to notice whining, shaking, pacing, hiding or extreme clingy behavior. This is your cue to help your dog get through these anxious times.


What You Can Do 

For starters, try to stay ahead of the curve and plan for these loud events. For example – you know Fourth of July is around the corner so you can anticipate the fireworks and celebrations. Similarly, keep an eye on the weather network for upcoming storms.


Safe Spot

It goes without saying that you shouldn’t take your dog out to witness the fireworks, but just being inside your home isn’t always enough either. There are definitely spots within your household that your dog goes to when they want to feel safe – it may be their crate, bed, or even under a table. Identify these areas and make them even more comfortable by adding blankets, a bed, toys etc. so your dog is able to go here when they want to escape the loud noises.



Although the safe space may work for some dogs – some would much rather prefer to be engaged in an activity with you. You can gear up to play their favorite games – like tug of war or fetch, or even use treat puzzles to keep them occupied. The key is to be prepared and available during periods of loud noise, because if you’re busy then who else is going to give your furry friend company?

Desensitize the Noise

Whereas creating a safe spot and distracting are reactive measures to assist with anxiety in our dogs due to loud noises, a proactive measure which takes a bit more work is desensitizing them to the noise. To do so – get a recording of some triggering noises for them (ex. go to YouTube). Play these noises at a very low volume, and reward your dog for remaining calm during the noise. Everyday, increase the volume just a bit and continue to reward your dog for staying calm. On days that the noise is too much, lower the volume or discontinue the exercise, and pick it back up the next day.

Before you know it, your dog will start to remain calm and will have overcome their anxiety of loud noises!


Before You Go

We appreciate you putting in the effort to provide the best life for your dog by helping them get through their anxiety of loud noises.

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